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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a two-year-old hit by gunfire in a place that most parents would think their kids are perfectly safe. tonight, he is fighting for lives. >> and one nightmare commute later, bart's unions offer up a new deal, sort of. why management says it is going to take a lot more than that. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. >> a shooting left a two-year- old boy in critical condition tonight. joe vasquez was the only one to speak with his grandmother who is shaken and scared. >> reporter: that is my grand baby and i'm all done, you know. i see other people go through things like this, but i didn't think it would happen to me. i thank god that he's alive. >> his grandmother says deonte jackson was badly wounded, shot in the ribs.
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the bullet went through liver and caused quite a bit of damage. the bullet came from a shootout between two groups of people two blocks away. just before 1:00 in the afternoon. >> everybody loves him. i'm not crying because god spared his life. i'm crying because he is only two years old. >> this is sunny side right here. little deonte was playing inside his gate in front of his home when the shots rang out. >> now, i want my grand baby out here. so, i don't know what to do is to pray and let god lead the right way with me and keep it in his hands. that's all i can do right now. >> the shooting lead to stop. they are shooting babies. >> this is our future. this is our future. >> trying to kill off the future? >> this is the future. >> we thank everybody for their prayers. all prayers. >> an oakland family in grief
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and disbelief, just praying two- year-old deonte can pull through. joe vazquez, kpix5. >> police say no arrests have been made. they don't know who did it and asking for witnesses too give them a call. >> there is no end in sight for the bart strike, especially about after what happened earlier tonight. kristen ayers takes us through the union's latest proposal to end the walkout and why bart basically said, nice try. kristen. >> yeah, liz, there was a lot of back and forth today. the offer that the unions put forward today, similar to one they proposed yesterday that bart rejected. there were some tweaks, but not enough for bart management to consider agreeing to get the trains going again. day one of the bart strike and the unions came out with a plan to end it. this plan would allow us to reach an agreement without going back to the bargaining table and therefore, it would allow us to end the strike
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immediately upon signing. >> union offer to take the pay, tension, and healthcare issues that both sides agree on and send a sticking point, the work world to an independent arbitrator to make a final decision. in a hastily called news conference, bart management slapped the plan down. >> union letters is a repeat of the same unacceptable offer they made at the bargaining table yesterday. >> it's not the same thing. >> bart management wants the unions to come back to the bargaining table and consider sending the entire package to arbitration, not pieces of it. the union argues doing that could stretch a strike into weeks or longer. at this point, the unions are appealing to bart management to reach out to them, to ask any questions they have, whatsoever, to just give them a call, bart management remained firm on this. so again, not seeing much movement. live in berkeley, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> on the roads and on the
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water, it was nasty out there. >> the worse commutes were for people trying to get out of san francisco tonight and back across the bay bridge. caltrans says the car pool lane leading up to the bridge saw 50 to 100% more cars than usual. >> some commuters were lucky to score a free ride on bart shuttles from east bay stations into the city. they had to line up before sunrise. riders who didn't get on to a bus got left behind. >> retire out here, live out here. we are dependent. >> bart says it will run shuttle buses all weekend. >> ac transit meanwhile provided extra service across the bay bridge and these buses are running only because governor brown stopped a planned ac transit strike for at least another week. and the ferries extra busy as you can imagine, sf bay ferry says its ridership was double
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the normal load. >> if the strike continues and it looks like it will, monday's commute could be just as ugly or worse. check out a list of transit alternatives at our website, >> two people hurt after their van crashed into a furniture truck in san francisco. this all happened near 15th and castro. it caused a truck to fall on its side, spill stuff out on to the roadway, at one point, it was blocking most of the street. we talked to one woman who saw it happen. >> i have never seen anything like this. and i have never seen a moving truck on its side and i don't know how, i really don't know how this accident occurred. >> truck has been towed away. furniture has been cleared from the street. >> a muni bus hit and killed a bicyclist south of market. the bus was under the central freeway turning right from 11th street on to bryant. this is the fourth such fatal back accident this year. it's not clear who is responsible for today's crash.
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several passengers on the bus gave conflicting statements. police are hoping to get video evidence. and we're going to be conducting review of any video surveillance aboard the muni bus to see if it captured the incident as well as canvas the neighborhood for any surveillance that may exist on businesses. >> the name has not been released. muni won't allow the driver behind the wheel until the investigation is over. we learned today that prosecutors will not be filing any criminal charges against a firefighter who ran over and killed a survivor of the as asiana airline flights. the death of the student was a tragic accident. but did not violate any criminal laws. the coroner ruled that the girl was still alive when she was hit. not clear how she ended up on the ground and an attorney for the girl's family says they intend to file a civil lawsuit. >> also today, police arrested
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a second airport employee for his alleged role in setting off ice bombs at l.a. x. the man was a supervisor in charge of the worker arrested on tuesday. one of those ice bombs exploded in an employee bathroom. another went off in the tarmac. a third bottle did not go off, but later found. : the department of justice says california is violating the constitution following prison riots. those riots tend to involve prison gangs and those gangs are typically based on inmates ethnicity. after a riot, officers often lock up inmates based on the races involved in the fight. the department of justice says this violates the 14th amendment. this is part of a federal lawsuit, state prison officials are not commenting. >> the florida corrections department is changing how it verifies early release orders. after two convicted killers escaped from prison using bogus documents. this new billboard is up in orange county, florida, with
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their pictures. the phone number is also listed and there's a $5,000 reward for information about where these guys are hiding. cbs reporter tells us the question remains, what went wrong? >> florida law requires convicted felons to register with the state after their release from prison. that's exactly what joseph jenkins and charles walker did. on separate days, the men were photographed and fingerprinted at the orange county jail. then, they vanished. florida governor, rick scott. >> we will keep our state safe. we will apprehend those individuals and look at what we need to change and make sure it never happens again. >> the men were freed because of these court documents, which ordered their release. jenkins was let out on september 27. walker was released on october 8. investigators did not know who created the counterfeit court papers. jerry is the orange county sheriff. >> these individuals have murdered individuals in this community and so we want to
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bring them back to justice. >> we've learned corrections officials have received phoney documents once before that oaredded joseph jenkins released. jenkins had been convicted in 1998 of murdering rosco. crystal pew is the dead man's widow. >> they got what they wanted and they still murdered my husband. >> it was pew who first raised questions about jenkins after the state notified her about the release of her husband's killer. >> florida has been reviewing files, looking for other inmates that could have been released. so far, they haven't found any. mark straussman, cbs news, orlando. a big victory for same-sex couples. the high court unanimously denied chris cristie's request to put gay marriage on hold while the state's appeal is
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heard. the plaintiffs have been engaged for 24 years. >> totally excited. jumping up and down, you know, tears of joy and you know, all because stuff you can't imagine. >> on monday, new jersey will become the 14th state to allow same-sex marriage. more glitches popping up on the affordable care act. insurance companies are sage the government site is generating duplicate and incomplete enrollment forms. next week, a house committee is holding hearings to find out why the website wasn't working before millions of americans started to log on. december 15 is the deadline to enroll for coverage that starts on january 1. >> google stock soars. what is contributing to its success. >> we all have the sunshine today, but we have the haves and have notes when it comes to heat. walnut creek, 80 for a high. check out richmond, only 61. mid 50s, will this trend continue through the weekend?
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your answer coming up in your seven-day forecast. >> if you feel the need to scare yourself, come on down to san jose. we are live at one of the largest haunted houses in the bay area. coming up. ,,,,, it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in!
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this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru.
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way from its i-p-o price o a milestone for google today. its stock closed above $1,000 a share. that's a long way from its ipo price of $84 back in 2004. len ramirez looks at what is behind this silicon valley giant's surge. >> from outward appearances, it seemed to be another beautiful day at the googleplex, but inside, everyone had to be feeling, or a lot richer. google stock surged up 13% and for the first time ever, finished the day trading above $1,000 a share. >> it's very significant that google created that much value for its investors. >> cbs technology editor says google's business seems to be heading in all directions these days with andoid phones and google glass wearable computers. but merchants are the company's
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core businesses and google seems to have adapted well to the mobile marketplace. >> google is doing well with mobile. there was a lot of question as to whether mobile was going to be profitable. it turns out, there's a lot of money per click on mobile. google is doing quite well and people are pleasantly surprised by that. >> pleasing investors most of all. the company's remarkable growth is the stuff of legend at nearby stanford university where grad students first developed the company in 1998. >> so my first term here at stanford sat for three months and there was some of his stuff in the drawers and i thought that was cool. >> computer science grad student interned over the summer and hopes to land a full- time job there some day. for him and others, google is an on going lesson on how students can make big things happen. >> if these guys who are in my shoes could create this awesome company, maybe i could do something that great, too. >> no one knows how much higher google can go, but
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judging from the most recent real estate activity, they bought space, paying for it all in cash. in mountain view, kpix5. >> it's rare for stocks to trade above $1,000 a share. there are a few including warren buffet. >> where was my stock guy? you know, in 2004. google. you might want to -- no, now you just call people rich. >> yeah, i know. that's a lot of money per share. >> we all feel like millionaires when we are outside in the sunshine. well no, but it's going to be sunny for the next couple days. a live look outside tonight. we have ourselves another clear night. right along the coastline, that's you in marine county, you will wake up foggy. a thin, but prominent marine
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layer. let's talk about a dry month. last time we have gone 0 for october, jimmie carter was the president of the united states back in 1980. right now, we are 0 for october. there's a slight chance of a shower this time next week. we missed that window of opportunity. we may see zero rain fall for the entire month. not as chilly the past couple mornings, but below 50 in fair field. 53 in the city and san jose dropping down to 52. perhaps you or your family heading to tahoe, should be a gorgeous fall weekend. afternoon highs in the 60s saturday and sunday. so cold mornings, but sunny and police cant pleasant afternoons. low pressure to our north, high pressure to our west. the high is the dominant feature, keeping us dry, nothing gets close to us rain fall wise. this low has induced an on shore flow. if you were in the city or close to the water, it was not as warm and that will continue for the next several days. still mild, still pleasant, just not as warm as we were.
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next week, pattern change. that high pressure ridge that is over top of us will slide off to the east. opening the door for something new to move in. that would be a low pressure area and computer forecast models keep pushing this guy closer to us, we may have to add a rain chance next friday. cloudier, but no rain fall. we may, ken bastida peeked his interest. we may see a few showers this time next week. the weekend, mild but cooler. no rain fall, sorry, ken, until the middle of next week. liver more, 82 tomorrow. san jose 79. beautiful in the south bay. sunny vail 78. pittsburgh, concorde, all right around 80 with sunshine. danville, you'll hit 81. in the city, upper 60s, nice day. sunshine 78. and beautiful up toward clear lake. cold start with a high of 80 degrees. sunday looking good first half of next week. we keep the sunshine going. right now, keeping the rain chance out, but that is subject to revision. if that low gets closer, we may
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see our first october rain fall next friday. a long way to go between now and then. we could use some. we are starting to see some rain fall. >> that would be great. thanks. >> well, there is a spooky place in the south bay where ghouls and goblins want you to scream your lungs out. kpix5's kit doe checked out this gory haunted house. kit, i understand this place isn't for the faint of heart, is it? >> yeah, i don't think you can hear this, i do not need this kind of stress in my life. i do just fine on my own. if you need fear, you really can't do much better than this place here in the bay area. >> before you enter, it might be a good idea to go to the restroom first. >> you seem proud of yourself when you make somebody wet their pants. >> it's a good feeling. >> it is billed as the world's largest haunted house. there are 30 volunteers hiding in a maze that snakes through an area the size of four tennis
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courts. there are no robots, just good old fashion human beings jumping out of the dark. founder, oscar garcia is the first to admit that it's not largest, but it is plenty big enough. >> you know, if somebody has an issue with the name, then they have an issue with the name. at the end of the day, we are here to have fun. >> the family 23 minutes to get through it. they were sweaty and praying by the end. >> why do people do this? >> i think we need to know we are still alive. and this place does it. had my heart going, beating really fast. so it was too intense. >> all right, these guys have been doing this off and on for the past twenty years and they are local guys. this is home grown fear, if you will. lines are good right now, but they will get crowded leading up to halloween. live in san jose, kpix5.
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>> no. >> what's the difference between a ghoul and a goblin? >> nothing. they are both scary. ghoul sounds scarier. >> all right. >> coming up, speeding up your restaurant experience. >> google's new feature that simplifies even simple math. ,, is.
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turns out, apple may be losing some of its luster. 3rd quarter ipad sales dropped to $6.3 billion. that's 27% less than the same time last year. apple's overall tablet market share has dropped from 60% last year to 32% this year.
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samsung is taking a lot of the tablet market. apple is hoping to turn things around on tuesday when it is expected to unveil the first revamped ipad in a year. >> you can google just about anything. now the site is helping you calculate your tip. a tip -- what is the tip for? google will adjust for the number of people in your party and the percentage tip you'd like to leave. well, you might think it's more of a girl thing, but more men are getting botox. it may be due to the tough job market. according to the american society of plastic surgeons, cosmetic procedures on men are up 22% since 2010. and according to the wall street journal, it could have something to do with the pressure to look young in order to find a job. they report it takes baby boomers 16 weeks longer to find a job than their younger counterparts. >> the dodgers have to tip
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their caps to the cardinals, plus, puig has trouble calculating the distance to home plate. sports is next. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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made it to the world series start th giants fans can rest easy tonight knowing it is now 25 years and counting since the dodgers last made it to the world series. mark, hit the clock. clayton and the dodgers down 2- 0 in the third. the pitch could have gotten l.a. out of the inning. kershaw is not happy. so of course, the next batter, shane robinson finds a hole on right field side and the infield, puig comes up firing and airmails, a.j. ellis, two more runs score.
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kershaw gave up seven runs and lasted just four innings. his counterpart, michael, pitched another post season gem, seven shutout innings, gave up two hits, striking out five. the cardinals beat the dodgers 9-0 and going to their fourth world series in ten years. the 22-year-old is the nlcs mvp. he put on a show against the lake show. he went 5-6 and had a game high 25 points. the warriors blow out the lakers. blues forward was suspended five games today by the nhl for this hit from behind on dan boyle. boyle has missed one game and there's no timetable for his return. of course the sharks play the blues tomorrow night and he will probably not be in the lineup. hopefully a speedy recovery. >> hopefully. dodgers just all that money, man. >> it's so sad, isn't it? >> i'm already over it. >> not happen to us.
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sorry, puig. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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